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We have received many letters of gratitude from organizations we have helped recently.  We should all be proud of what FOCUS contributes to our Community.   

Projects Coordinators: 
Lisa Alves:  surfcity@reagan.com    Jean Bauer:  bauerjm73@gmail.com



Each year FOCUS provides backpacks containing school supplies to our projects and local school communities in need.  Last year we supplied 10 agencies with 327 backpacks stuffed with school supplies.  This is a FOCUS community event where we ask for many volunteers to help.  This year we will fill 340 backpacks.  The agencies we will support are:

     Any Body Can                                                                        Episcopal Refugee Network

     Aseltine School                                                                      International Rescue

     Casa Cornelia                                                                        Mental Health Systems

     Christian Community Services                                               San Diego Police Department

     Dependency Legal Group                                                       Voices For Children


The mission of STEP is to take care of service members who volunteer and sacrifice so much to defend our nation.  STEP provides financial counseling, education and when necessary, pays their critical bills to ensure that their basic needs are met while they are working to achieve financial self-sufficiency. We will be purchasing six convertible car seats that can hold a 5 to 100 lb. child


Their mission is to improve the lives of all affected by autism in San Diego County.  Camp I Can is a summer day camp for children with autism.  This camp provides the special opportunity for these children to attend a camp like their typical peers in a supported and safe program designed specifically for them.

FOCUS will purchase necessary for the success of the camp which includes items such as baby wipes, tissues, first aid kits, white boards with markers, storage bins, games, balls, coloring books, tempera paint, brushes, bubbles, kites, playdoh and sunscreen. 


The mission of Fisher House is to care for our military families while they take care of their loved one that is in a medical crisis.  Fisher House Foundation is known for a network of comfort homes where military and veteran's families stay at no cost while a loved one is receiving treatment.

We will replace an old non-working grill, as well as purchasing two new gliders that are used by the parents rocking small children.  The goal is to have an outdoor setting for families with small children for a family dinner and a relaxing evening.  Additionally, we will provide two blow-up beds in which children that are too old for a pack and play can sleep on, instead of in bed with their parents.


ASELTINE School $1,700 Shopper:  Jeri Barsz


The mission of Aseltine School is to establish a partnership with "at-risk" youth in which they imaginatively challenge, support and prepare them to gain better understanding and insight into the barriers that have limited their access to "mainstream" school and community; develop the skills, knowledge and resources necessary to overcome these barriers; develop the self-esteem that transforms fatalism and self-doubt into purposeful action; and make an independent and productive transition back into school, employment and community.

Aseltine School is in need of a new Portable Public Address package with accessories to provide a number of much needed technology improvements for their student program.  This will update their current huge, heavy speaker and buzzing, humming and muffled microphone sound system.  It will directly support the students in many ways, including: “Student Reflections” every Friday in which all students and staff recognize weekly academic and behavioral accomplishments, all assemblies, Promotion and Graduation with recognition of students, founders Club Kick off – when students speak about their experiences to current and prospective donors, etc.

Christie’s Place $2,500 Shopper:  Jean Bauer


Christie’s Place is a local non-profit support center for women, children and families where “love grows” through generous community support. They are the only organization in San Diego dedicated to serving women, children, and families impacted by HIV/AIDS. Their mission is to empower individuals whose lives have been affected by HIV/AIDS to take charge of their own health and wellness, and by doing so, improve their quality of life as well as the quality of life of those family members surrounding them.

The majority of clients who receive services at Christie’s Place are well below the federal poverty line. This often makes it difficult for parents to provide properly for their children. Christie’s Place has basically depleted their supply of hygiene products for children and adolescents, therefore we will be purchasing toddler pull-ups, baby wipes and wash, shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shavers and feminine hygiene products to help replenish their supply.


MONARCH SCHOOL $1,200 Shopper: Jeri Barsz and Joann Palmer


Monarch exists to provide youth impacted by homelessness with access to education, but also with necessities such as food, clothing and emotional support. To do this they have an on-campus Boutique called the “ Butterfly Boutique” that FOCUS has continually supported. They hold shopping days every Wednesday and Thursday for their students.  FOCUS will be providing leggings for girls, jeans for boys along with brushes and combs.

THE POLINSKY CHILDREN’S CENTER- Promises2kids-$3,000 Shopper:Stephanie Lay


The Polinsky Children’s Center is a 24-hour facility operated by the County of San Diego temporary shelter for children.  The center was built on land donated by the county with funds raised exclusively from private donations under the auspices of the Child Abuse Prevention Foundation.

The children may have been separated from their families for their own safety, or have been neglected; or whose parents are unable to provide for them.  The daily population of children served is 120-192.

From FOCUS, the children will be provided a bike helmet so they can participate in “bike day” at the center, hygiene products, crafts, Legos, wristwatches and ear buds.  We will also equip the children’s general play area with a large TV, a play station and play station controllers, accessories and games.


UNITED THROUGH READING $2,100 Shopper: Joann Palmer

United Through Reading is working with crew from the USS Theodore Roosevelt, an aircraft carrier which will have 6,000 sailors and marines on board when they deploy this summer. They also working with three smaller ships that will deploy in the same time frame: USS Princeton, USS Bunker Hill, and USS Pearl Harbor.

FOCUS is able to provide five recordings set-ups (two for the carrier and three for the other ships).  The gift will make it possible for 2,150 stories to travel across the oceans to military children in San Diego.  2,150 bedtime stories will help 4,300 San Diego children to fall asleep to the sound of their faraway parent’s voice.

JUNIOR ADAPTIVE SPORTS CAMP $3,700 Shopper: Mandy Cohn


The Adaptive Sports and Recreation Association (ASRA) provides sports and recreational activities/opportunities for physically disabled youth, adults and veterans throughout San Diego County.  Their signature event for youth is the Junior Adaptive Sports Camp, taking place this year from July 24th-29th at Miramar College and North Crown Point Shores (all FOCUS members are invited to attend the event). FOCUS is supporting this event by providing nursing supplies and tee-shirts for the children.

Nativity Prep Academy $1,000 Shopper:  Lesley Angelino


The mission of Nativity Prep Academy is to provide an exceptional education and comprehensive college-access programs for hardworking, low-income students over the course of 11 years, from middle school through college.   NPA students represent the first generation in their families to earn a college education.

Nativity Prep Academy is starting a Robotics Team and wants to participate in the First Lego Robotics League.  The mission of the First Lego Robotics League is to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders, by engaging them in exciting Mentor-based programs that build science, engineering, and technology skills.  Students must design, build, program a robot using the required robotics kits, and then compete on a tabletop playing field.  All teams use the same kits to build robotics so they have an even playing field in terms of materials they can use. FOCUS will be providing the standardized robotics kits.


VISTA HILL CARE FACILITIES-$2,750 Shopper:  Sharon Shelton 

The Therapeutic Learning Center, located on-site at Vista Hill’s ParentCare Family Recovery Centers, is a licensed specialized childcare center and preschool.  It focuses on the multiple needs of children who have been exposed to drugs and alcohol in-utero and/or have spent their first years of life in substance abusing, dysfunctional homes. Currently approximately 150 mothers, and their young children, are served annually at ParentCare East and an additional 100 mothers and their children at ParentCare Central.

A $200 monthly allocation to support the ParentCare TLC in La Mesa as well as a $75 monthly allocation to support the new childcare center in Central ParentCare facility has been approved. The funds would be used to purchase equipment and materials for childcare centers at both ParentCare sites, including diapers and other infant supplies, educational materials, supplies for arts/crafts/educational activities, toys and other childcare supplies. 

BURRITO BOYZ-KIDS KORNER     $1,800 on-going grant Shopper: Nanci Copley  

The Burrito Boyz/Kids Korner mission is to help nourish the spirit of the Street Homeless of San Diego County by providing Hot Food & Comfort.  Every Sunday volunteers meet at Long Island Mikes Pizza Kitchen on Murphy Canyon Road to make over 600 breakfast burritos for our SD Homeless community.  We approved KIDS Korner with an on-going grant of $1,800 to supply healthy snacks and school supplies for kids.

Reading Legacies “Family Connections Shared Reading Program $3,000  Shoppers: Fran Becker and Marsha Frisbie

The mission of Reading Legacies is to empower children and youth as valued family and community members through intergenerational shared-reading experiences.  Their vision is that shared-reading will connect all children and youth to their families and communities. The primary focus is to help the most vulnerable children and youth in their community, especially those in underserved, low-income areas.  The children who receive these books experience great joy knowing that their loved one is safe and still able to communicate with them through the simple act of reading a book on DVD.  The books focus on messages building character values.  We approved to purchase 750 children’s paperback books, these will be sent to children of incarcerated parents who participate in the Family Connections program.  

The David’s Harp Foundation $4,200 

The David’s Harp Foundation is a San Diego non-profit organization since 2009 that inspires, educates and empowers at-risk and homeless youth to achieve academic success through teaching sound engineering, music education, song writing and multimedia production.  The program taught after school teaches students how to produce the media that they consume everyday through their project-based curriculums, which include Podcasting, Modern Music Production and Videography. 

The 2 room studio is located downtown San Diego and has been started with donated state of the equipment and supported by volunteer professional musicians and music/video production engineers.  The volunteers teach specific curriculums, mentor students to succeed academically and socially and provide encouragement to do well in school by providing extra studio and instructor time for increasing school grades.  We approved 1 iMac computer 2.8 GHz processor 8GB onboard memory, 2 lighting kits and tripods, to be used to teach kids how to produce music and music videos


Voices For Children $2500 Shopper Lorna Perez-Caster


Voices for Children transforms the lives of abused children by providing them with volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs). With the support of a CASA, a child in foster care is more likely to succeed, receive vital services, and find a safe, permanent home.  $2,500 has been approved to purchase car seats and other items to meet basic needs of foster children

San Diego Youth Emergency Shelter-(StoreFront )$2,400 Shoppers Lucile Fleming and Carla Bacon


Storefront-Youth Emergency Shelter is a program of San Diego Youth Services, a nationally recognized social service agency working to help at-risk youth and their families become self-sufficient and reach their highest potential. The Storefront is San Diego's only emergency shelter for homeless and runaway youth ages 12-17.  We will be providing fresh fruit and vegetables, portable snacks, and frozen foods

Urban Street Angels/8 West $1,000/per month ($11,000)

Shopper Pat Bowler and Roger Clapp


Urban Street Angels seeks to end youth homelessness with sustainable community programs that provide hopeful opportunities for those living on our streets. Their weekly outreach and overnight shelter programs provide homeless youth with food, hygiene supplies, clothing and footwear. Their 8 West transitional employment and supportive housing program, also provides youth with food and hygiene supplies. Throughout the year we will be providing food, water, socks, hygiene kits, sometimes clothing and shoes and during the cold months blankets and sleeping bags.

San Diego Armed Services YMCA $2,400 Shopper: Suzanne Manual


The San Diego branch of the Armed Services YMCA (ASY San Diego) was founded in 1920 and has been fulfilling this mission ever since. They believe that while an individual may enlist, the whole family serves – and military families have been under growing amounts of stress for the past few decades with the increased frequency and duration of deployments, limited pay increases, and greater uncertainty about their futures. FOCUS will provide families with essential baby items that they are unable to afford

Community Christian Service Agency (CCSA) $2,500 Pat McDonough


CCSA has been providing services for the past 44 years, serving emergency food for families in need.  Parents come to CCSA for food and clothing for their children.  They also have a new mother layette program where new moms can receive a bag filled with clothing, diapers, bottles and toys.  FOCUS will purchase of items for the layette program as well as new socks and underwear for school age children.


Kids Korner-Burrito Boys.  $500  Shopper Nanci Copley

On Christmas Day Nanci Copley provided 50 kids with holiday bags which included a matching scarf, hat and gloves to keep warm, along with some sweet treats. Nanci has been our year-long shopper for the Burrito Boys(Kids Korner) helping to purchase and hand out food to homeless kids.

Words Alive  $500 Shopper: Clarice Perkins

The Words Alive Adolescent Book Group program serves at-risk adolescents, most of whom have been referred to specialized community schools by the Juvenile Court system and have experienced extraordinary circumstances such as violence, pregnancy and homelessness.

Words Alive creates opportunities for these teens to realize academic and social success.  Clarice purchased 15 copies of three books: The Crossover by Alexander, Between the World and Me  by Coates and Letters to a Young Artist by Anna Deavere Smith.

Urban Street Angels  $20,000-25,000 Shoppers:  Lorna Perez-Caster, Lisa Alves, Lesley Angelino, Sharon Blongiewicz

Urban Street Angel’s ultimate goal is to build trust, inspire hope and build a safe relationship to facilitate kid’s transition off the streets before they become chronically homeless.  FOCUS will be purchasing a van for Urban Street Angels to support the following needs: to pick-up homeless youth each week, (approx. 23) and transport them to their Tuesday night shelter from the Ocean Beach area; transport volunteers and food to and from Ocean Beach for their Friday night "outing," where they offer sandwiches, water and limited hygiene supplies and clothing to the homeless community. The van will also be used to transport young people in their housing program to community building events, special appearances, such as the FOCUS events; and transport young people in their housing program to work in their 8West soap business that gives these kids a chance to break away from homelessness and fulfill their untapped potential.


WAMPLER FOUNDATION $3,790 Shopper: Nanci Copley

The Stephen J. Wampler Foundation, CAMP WAMP is a non-profit organization providing outdoor education programs for children ten to eighteen years of age with physical disabilities or limitations. Steve Wampler, founder and his wife Elizabeth are long-time Coronado residents.

The WAMPLER foundation has lost their campsite but has been able to secure a new permanent campsite dedicated to support children with disabilities. FOCUS will be providing professional kitchen items for the campsite.


TRAVELING STORIES $1,300-Shopper: Marsha Frisbie

Traveling Stories is a San Diego-based nonprofit organization that helps kids fall in love with Reading by the 4th grade. In America, 82% of low-income kids can't read proficiently by the 4th grade and the Story Tent programs are changing that.  The kids they serve are between 2 and 12 years old. They live in El Cajon, City Heights and Imperial Beach.  FOCUS will be supporting their annual toy drive. 


NEW ALTERNATIVES $1,300-Shopper Pat Bowler and Bonnie McGinty

New Alternatives Inc. Foster Family Agency is a private non-profit agency caring for abused and neglected children in San Diego County.  Families from the community open up their hearts to foster children by providing a loving and nurturing home in which the children can heal in a safe and supportive way.  FOCUS will be supporting their holiday gift giving efforts.


Families Forward, a part of Mental Health Systems is seeking our support for holiday gifts for kids who don't qualify for Toys For Tots. 


YOUNG SAN DIEGO STUDENT $250-Lesley Angelino

A young man originally from SD North County, was found living in the garage of a vacant home.  A local Coronado resident has taken him into their home and people have assisted by providing him with some needed and basic items. He has been enrolled in Coronado High School and is attending Coronado School of the ARTS (COSA). FOCUS will be providing him with tap shoes, jazz shoes and leotards.




United Through Reading   $1400   

United Through Reading is a non-profit organization dedicated to uniting US military families who face physical separation by facilitating the bonding experience of reading aloud together. In more than 200 locations worldwide, United Through Reading offers military service members the opportunity to be video recorded reading books to their children back home. The program creates connections, encourages literacy and makes homecomings easier. In 2015, with the help of 13,620 volunteer hours, United Through Reading served 100,000 beneficiaries at 262 recording locations around the world, distributing more than 10,000 children’s books to military children. The San Diego chapter requested four video recording set ups for Navy ships deploying from San Diego. Four of these set ups will permit 200 recordings to travel across the oceans to 400 children here in San Diego who will sleep better after hearing their parent’s voice.



Fisher House Foundation is best known for a network of comfort homes where military and veteran’s families can stay at no cost while a loved one is receiving treatment. The houses are donated by the Fisher Family and Foundation. Each house has 8-21 suites and can accommodate 16-42 family members. Each house is within walking distance to the medical facility. The San Diego house is situated at Naval Medical Centre San Diego. Most military families exist on one income, so it’s very difficult when the service member is hospitalized and their families are living far away. Fisher House provides a home like environment for families to live close to their service member while they heal. Three years ago FOCUS rejuvenated the playroom at the San Diego House. We re-painted the playroom, put up a large animal wall mural and laid rubber flooring. We also donated wall décor and a WII console for the children that stay in Fisher House. They requested a sofa and rocking chair for that same playroom.




ABC Youth Foundation–  $1400

ABC Youth Foundation open up their Learning Center throughout the school year for students to complete their homework and get academic assistance. They provide volunteer tutors and text books, they also provide laptops. However, their laptops are old and most are broken. They are asking FOCUS for 5-10 refurbished HP laptops. They require 11” to 13”, 2 GB with 16GB hard drives, wi-fi compatibility and USB ports. The laptops requested are from Walmart and cost $139.00 each.


Support The Enlisted Project - $1600

Support The Enlisted Project builds  self sufficiency with young military, veterans and their families through financial counseling, emergency grants and other support programs. They are asking for our help to support a military family in dire hardship.  The family has a 4 year old, 2 year old and 7 month old twins. The father is an E3. They qualify for WIC but they need a specific formula for the twins. The family is spending $320 per month on formula. They have asked  FOCUS to purchase the baby food each month until the twins turn 1 year old next February.


Coronado Safe Foundation -  $1500  

Coronado Safe Foundation was established as a substance abuse prevention agency. Today they work to build internal skills ( resiliency, life skills, and character). They provide children with real life experiences and education to help them make positive choices. They are transitioning an office space into a counseling room to accommodate children and their families. They are in need of a couch and numerous counseling items to support the work that they do. The list includes games, books and toys such as stress balls, all items are related to the therapy work that they do.


Friends of Vista Hill -  $2000

Friends of Vista Hill serve children and teens who come from troubled families, have low income and have emotional and other difficulties. They have a huge need for backpacks and school supplies for the children in their programs who do not have the means.

They have asked us to supply 100 backpacks filled with school supplies.




Angels Foster Family-$1,600  

Angels Foster Family Network believe that all children in foster care ages five and younger should be cared for in a loving, stable and nurturing home environment. 

Angels Foster Family Network has submitted a request for Life books for the children (ages newborn to five years of age) who are currently in foster care through Angels.  The Life books will tell the child’s life story and  answer the questions. “Who am I? What happened to me? Where am I going?” Once the child is either reunited with their biological parent or adopted, the book will go along with them to their forever home.  In addition to the Life books, upon a child’s adoption they would like to present the parents with a photo frame as a way to remember their very special day.

www. angelsfoster.org


Founded in 1970, Family Health Centers of San Diego is dedicated to providing caring, affordable, high-quality health care and support services to all people, with a special commitment to the uninsured, low-income and medically underserved. They are the largest community clinic provider of health care to the uninsured in Southern California and one of the top 10 largest community clinic organizations in the country.

FOCUS will be supporting both the Baby Boutique @ Prenatal & PostPartum Education Center located on Logan Ave and El Cajon Blvd (City Heights) in San Diego. They need strollers, cars seats, baby carriers, bouncers, baby swings, playpens, as well as other items for bathing and caring for babies.



More people have been forced to flee their homes by crisis than at any other time since World War II. The International  Rescue Committee is providing relief to refugee children in San Diego County. They have been inundated with refugee families and desperately need more school backpacks. FOCUS provided 50 backpacks and they were distributed instantly. We will give them 50 more, filled with school supplies.




VOICES FOR CHILDREN.        $2000  Shopper- Lorna Perez-Caster

Voices For Children transforms the lives of abused children by providing them with volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocates. They also increase the awareness about the foster system. In addition to a FOCUS on-going grant we will provide uniforms and shoes for their foster children. This is an exciting year as one of their students has been accepted into Bishops High School.


Transitional Youth Academy.     $1,300   Lesley Angelino

Transitional Youth Academy provides long term case management, academic mentoring and leadership development to at-risk youth in Oceanside. This program helps youth finish high school, gain employment, be supported by a mentor and receive training in life skills.  To assist TYA with their efforts FOCUS will be providing leadership books and videos, College prep materials and survey tools to assess, measure and provide students with feedback on their progress.


Monarch School.   $1500  Shopper-Lisa Alves

Monarch exists to provide youth impacted by homelessness with access to education, but also with necessities such as food, clothing and emotional support. To do this they have an on-campus boutique called the “ Butterfly Boutique” that FOCUS has continually supported. They hold shopping days every Wednesday and Thursday for their students. We will provide the Boutique with hooded sweatshirts for their high school students as they walk to and from school.

www.monarch schools.org



YMCA CAMP SURF. $1400 Shopper Edie Greenberg,


YMCA Camp Surf in Imperial Beach sends 280 underprivileged teens on a camping trip to San Onofre State Park each summer. They learn how to put up tents, clean, cook and plan for a camping experience. They need headlamps, waterproof games, changing tents, lanterns, helmets, camping chairs and coolers. YMCA camps are dedicated to improving the quality of human life and helping children realize their potential. FOCUS has utilized YMCA Camp Surf location to host our annual fundraiser in 2015 and 2016.

JUVENILE COURT BOOK CLUB, INC. $2700. Shopper: Bonnie Van Vugt


JCBC has provided book club meetings for thousands of incarcerated youth throughout San Diego County. Volunteers serve approximately 150 teens in custody each month with book club sessions. They are asking for 30 copies of 11 books and 1 DVD. This will provide books for several months at Juvenile Hall.

BACKPACK PROGRAM $5500. Multiple Volunteers Needed

Each year FOCUS provides backpacks containing school supplies to our projects and local school communities in need. Last year we supplied 10 agencies with 327 backpacks stuffed with school supplies. This is a FOCUS community event where we ask for many volunteers to help. This year we are recommending that we provide 350 school supply backpacks to agencies in need.

Your projects team is also researching buying the backpacks pre-stuffed; this would ensure their correct filling. The cost would be equivalent with discount negotiation.




GOT YOUR BACK $1,500 Shopper: Fran Becker


Got Your Back San Diego is a weekend nutrition program for students in the San Diego County Unified School District who have been identified as homeless. For most of them, the school cafeteria is their primary source of nutrition all week. Unfortunately, many of them go the entire weekend with little or no food of any nutritional value. Got Your Back San Diego helps bridge the hunger gap for these kids over the weekend.

Each backpack is filled with six meals, two breakfasts, two lunches, two dinners, a few snack items and fruit cups, enough food for two days. FOCUS will be purchasing food for the backpacks.

KIDS’ TURN SAN DIEGO $1,550 Shopper: Cheryl Navalesi and Kathy Wallace-Hafner


Kids' Turn San Diego: With a mission of "promoting, supporting and securing the well-being of children who are experiencing family separation", programs empower children to talk with their parents about their thoughts and feelings, build resiliency and create brighter futures for children experiencing family separations, divorce and military transitions. FOCUS will be providing items to be utilized in the children's program of the Family Workshops for separated and divorced families, their military program and counseling program.

VARISTY TEAM, INCORPORATED (VTI) $1,500 Shopper: Clarice Perkins


The Mission of Varsity Team Inc is to provide a clean, safe, professional, and home-like environment, teaching at risk youth how to be positive members of their community, empowering their independent living skills, encouraging and providing opportunities for growth and friendships, so they may grow into confident, responsible, and self-sufficient adults. FOCUS will be providing a couch, love seat and ottoman for the home located in Mira Mesa.



Camp I CAN is a summer day camp for children and teens with autism in San Diego County. The camp provides the unique and special opportunity for 125 children to attend camp like their typical peers in a supported and safe program designed specifically for them. Camp I CAN is able to meet the needs of all children with autism, no matter how impacted they are. Many of the camp participants would not be able to attend regular summer camp due to their behavioral and communication challenges. FOCUS will be providing books, tents, therapy balls and others items to support children attending Camp I CAN.

The Center for Academic and Social Advancement (CASA)-La Clase Magica $1,500

Shopper: Mary Anne Haskell


The Center for Academic and Social Advancement (CASA) is a nonprofit organization that with the help of undergraduate students from UCSD and Palomar College, run the programs. La Clase Mágica is an after school program located in a lower income Hispanic neighborhood and has recently celebrated its 25th year of service. FOCUS will be supporting La Clase Magica with items used to tutor children, help them with homework, and good health and nutrition.

Volunteers tutor children at La Clase Magica after school program. FOCUS member Mary Ann Haskell will be shopping for educational materials to support La Clase



Shopper:  Mandy Cohn

ASRA provides year round competitive and recreational sports programs for youth, veterans and adults with physical disabilities throughout San Diego County.  We have been approached to support the 30th anniversary of their summer Junior Adaptive Sports  Camp.  The camp gives disabled youth in San Diego the opportunity to try 15 different sports over 5 days in San Diego.  This year they are also partnering with Rady Children’s Hospital and Challenged Athletes Foundation.

FOCUS has been asked to  provide the funding for all camp t-shirts (approx. 375) as well as all the nursing supplies for the week of the camp. 



Shopper: Lisa Alves

For 48 years Aseltine has created a strong, supportive community for severely “at risk” youth with nowhere else to turn.  Aseltine teaches these young people, who have relied on violent, unhealthy behaviors when faced with adversity, to adopt a new strategy; to confront, accept and creatively overcome their struggles with confidence and purpose so they can benefit from all that school and society has  to offer-and then use their healthy new skills to benefit the community. 

One of the unique programs they have is teaching students Culinary Arts.  This program provides students the opportunity to master concepts outside of the traditional classroom setting.  The six-week Summer Culinary program offers students the opportunity to experience the “world of vocational training” by connecting academic, behavioral and social skills development to real life experience by actually running a cafe’ and producing a profit.

Aseltine is in need of the following:

1.      A large capacity portable ice maker- for the culinary school.

2.      Two portable air conditioners  with warranties for their classrooms.

3.      Two portable air conditioners and heaters  with warranties for classrooms downstairs (currently using a water  
   cooler type system with constant dripping water).

   An LCD projector-which allows the teacher to project curriculum on a screen for all students to view at once
   and connect with computers



Shoppers:  Lesley Angelino and Lisa Alves

Nativity Prep Academy is an accredited, independent, tuition free middle school for children living below the poverty line. The mission of NPA is to provide an exceptional education and comprehensive college-access program for hardworking, low-income students over the course of 11 years, from middle school through college.   After middle school students move on to high school they can continue in the Graduate Support Program at Nativity Prep so that they will be successful in high school and be better prepared for college. While in college they can remain in the Graduate Support Program.

NPA students represent the first generation in their families to earn a college education.  They currently serve over 220 low-income youth: 65 middle school students, 80 in high school and 80 in college.  99% of students earn a high school diploma and better than 90% of the students matriculate to a two or four- year college or university.  The middle school children perform over 1200 hours of community service each year, have an attendance rate of 98%, attend an extended 10 hour day and an 11 month extended year program.  The vast majority of the school is funded through private donations and 2 fundraising events. 

Their parents are expected to contribute $25 per month to the school. If they are unable,

(which happens frequently) the parents must work at the school fulfilling the custodial jobs. Each child has a job within the school The desks and chairs at the school are all donated. Each child has a mentor -  private citizens who give their time and energy to meet with their child each week. The schools runs on donations only. Their mission is to break the cycle of poverty through education. 

 We visited the campus and gained an in-depth understanding of the curriculum, met with teachers, developers and students.  The students are extremely respectful. We personally shook hands and learned the names of over 40 students.  They are impressive students,  eager to learn and make a difference.

They have requested : 40 Chromebooks  at approximately $250 each.

This will allow each student to have a Chromebook (like a mini iPad), to download the necessary textbooks for class, do research, homework etc.  This also allows the school to save money by not buying costly textbooks. These Chromebooks will only be used at school by the students, and will remain the property of the school so that they can be used year after year by future students.




Urban Street Angels/8 WEST   - $11,000.  

Urban Street Angels is a volunteer driven, non profit organization formed in 2008. Volunteers travel out to Ocean Beach 4-6 times per month and walk the streets delivering between 75-100 hot meals, bottles of water, clothes, socks, shoes, first aid equipment and referrals for medical, psychiatric , housing and job help. They also try to establish a trust with these kids. In 2015 they distributed 4,000 meals, 2,500 bottles of water, 1,000 hygiene kits, 800 sleeping bags and backpacks. Every Tuesday they bring around 30 kids back to their shelter in San Diego where they shower, get a change of clothes, socks and shoes. They also have medical checks by qualified volunteers. After eating dinner, they clear away the tables and put down sleeping bags on the floor and spend the night, waking to a hot breakfast, then back to the streets.

Last year they launched a second initiative  8 WEST. This is an 18 month  transitional program designed to give homeless youth a hand up with employment and supportive housing. The kids live and work together, hand crafting and marketing a unique line of organic and fair trade 8WEST soap. They learn entrepreneurial skills as they make, market, sell and merchandise their soap. They learn responsibility, accountability and work ethics. All skills that help in future job placement.  Their ultimate goal is to be fully sustainable through the sales of the soap.

Funding for :- Food, water, sleeping bags, clothes, socks, shoes, hygiene kits, first aid kits, back packs, soap making materials and 35 cots.         


FOCUS Projects Team with Dustin
 an 8 West Participant



THE BURRITO BOYZ - KIDS KORNER  $1800 on going grant

Shopper Nanci Copley

The Burrito Boyz mission is to help nourish the spirit of the Street Homeless of San Diego County by providing Hot Food & Comfort. Every Sunday volunteers meet at Long Island Mikes Pizza Kitchen on Murphy Canyon rd to make over 600 breakfast burritos for our SD Homeless community. This year we would like to support KIDS Korner with an on-going grant of $1,800 to supply healthy snacks and school supplies. KIDS Korner with the support of FOCUS can make 30- 40 bags/ week especially for our homeless kids that include the following items: Capri Suns, Bananas, Tangerines, Granola bars, Fruit snacks or fruit roll ups, Goldfish or pirate bootie. Each bag is approximately $1.30 and on a monthly basis they spend approximately $130.00-$150.00 per month on supplies for kid bags.


DEPENDENCY LEGAL GROUP of SAN DIEGO   $1,000 on- going grant

Shopper:  Jeri Barsz

The Dependency Legal Group of San Diego (DLG) is a non-profit public benefit corporation. The firm was created for the sole purpose of providing competent, high quality legal representation to indigent families involved in juvenile dependency proceedings within San Diego County. Last year $1,000 was provided to meet the needs of the foster children they represent, where other funding sources are unavailable. This year some items that may be requested will include backpacks with school supplies. We have also been requested to provide travel bags. It is not uncommon for foster youth to be forced to change placements -bringing along only a trash bag full of their only possessions. Having a suitcase, that belongs to them and can allow them to have some dignity, while being forced to move, is integral to supporting foster youth in healthy development. There is also a need for various electronics and textbooks to prevent these kids from falling behind in school.


THE ARMED SERVICES YMCA-SAN DIEGO    $2,500 on-going grant

Shopper Suzanne Manuel

The Armed Services YMCA provides free or low-cost youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility programs for junior enlisted military & their families to make military life easier. Focus has supported the Social Work Department in the past with diapers, cribs, educational materials, toys, and urgent need supplies. The Social Work Department would like their grant to cover diapers, cribs, and educational materials toys and to cover on going urgent needs to match last year’s $2,500.



Shoppers:  Pat McDonough, Darlene Shirey, Janet Manosalbas, Therese Pallares

The San Diego Rescue Mission believes in the inherent worth of every homeless man, woman, and child. The Rescue Mission is redesigning the Nueva Vida Haven room where they house each night at least 70 moms and their children. They provide a place to sleep, hot meals and showers as well as clothing and hygiene products. They now have beds instead of mattresses on the floor and they are building an area where the children can do their homework, read, play and do crafts.  The area is lacking the basics to make their vision a reality.  We would support the Rescue Mission by completing the child’s education area.  To do so would require the following items: 2-3 laptops, 2 tablets, 4x4 bookshelf, leap frog books and equipment, soft color hangings or decorations, colorful canvas prints, 3 vinyl bean bags, playschool toys for different ages and a portable bassinet/playpen.


VISTA HILL PARENT CARE     on going grant  $3,300

Shopper: Genie Brown

Parent Care is an intensive treatment program for mothers with substance abuse and related problems. While mothers are participating in their treatment, their pre-school children are onsite in daycare centers. Many of the children suffer from developmental issues related to the drug abuse. Funding is needed for diapers, educational toys and equipment, arts, toys, baby formula, crafts and science project supplies, indoor and outdoor play equipment, educational décor etc.  This year they are asking for an ongoing grant of $3,300.  That’s $2400 for their La Mesa location and $900 for their new central San Diego location as the new location has fewer children. They are in critical need of strollers, car seats and pre school teaching materials at the central site. The east site needs car seats, outdoor play items and therapeutic toys and materials.